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Following a brave and bold decision to establish a business in 2009, two experienced recruitment professionals quickly began establishing relationships from the inside out, with companies around the East Midlands…. and it’s been an amazing 8 years!

With innovation at the heart of our business, in 2013, Talk Staff Recruitment continued our positive disruption strategy by utilising technology advancements and strong relationships within the sector, to support in-house recruitment teams for direct employers too


So, where are we today?

Our consultants continue to work together, with nearly 50% of our clients choosing to “not use recruitment agencies”, and build successful collaborative relationships with Talk Staff Recruitment that concentrate on the inspiring people and delivering results.

Put simply – We work with all types of companies to meet their recruitment and talent objectives, no matter what their preference if to use agencies or not. That’s why we’re quickly becoming the UK’s number one People Consultancy.