Planning for Future Talent Growth

With employers looking at their longer-term goals, the role of a Talent Management Strategy and Planning becomes key to their success in reaching them.

Talk Staff Group works with businesses to identify future needs, as well as present gaps in their workforce, and partners with them to develop both flexible and highly robust ways of tackling the growing demand for top talent.

"Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction."
John F. Kennedy
35th President of the United States

top talent challenges:

  • Attracting high quality candidates is the top challenge faced by 76% of Hiring Managers – (Glassdoor)
  • Replacing an employee costs employers 33% of that employee’s annual salary (Work Institute)
  • Diverse hiring is successful hiring. Gender and ethnic diversity are positively correlated with business performance by up to 15% and 35%, respectively (Gartner).
  • Just because you lose an employee, it doesn’t mean they hate you. 63% of employees rated their former employer “very good” or “excellent” after leaving the company (Work Institute).

we make an impact:

With a fresh approach to Talent Strategy & Planning, our clients see the value in the expertise provided by our consultants across a number of key projects:

  • Talent Management
  • Workforce Planning
  • GAP Analysis
  • Attraction & Sourcing
  • Succession Planning
how can we help you?

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A fantastic consultant, with an ability to hone in on key issues and provide valuable guidance, which has helped us re-evaluate our company’s objectives, service offering and resource needs.

Kelly Hill
Director, The Tonic Communications

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