A New Chapter for Talk Staff & CEO, Gary Parsons

As the co-founder of Talk Staff, Gary has been one of the key driving forces behind the company’s growth and success. However, all good things evolve, and for Gary, evolution means that after 15 years in business, he’ll be stepping down as CEO of Talk Staff and moving into a more strategic Non-Executive Director role from 1st April 2024.

Talk Staff’s Managing Director, David Orange and Operations Director, Richard Stokes, will remain in position and continue to be supported by experienced teams throughout the wider business.

For Gary, this isn’t just a title change; it’s a new chapter filled with opportunities to impact the world beyond the boardroom. He’s gearing up to dive into keynote speaking and immerse himself in exciting charity work – focused on his passion to break the stigma of mental health and wellbeing in leadership. What’s the backstory of this significant shift, what does the future herald for Gary and what new opportunities does it hold for Talk Staff? Let’s unpack the journey and the exciting road ahead.

The Evolution of Talk Staff: A Story of Ambition and Growth

Founded in 2009, in the clutches of a global recession, Talk Staff began its journey as a recruitment agency. But it wasn’t long before Gary, fellow co-founder David Orange, and the team started laying the groundwork for something much grander and impactful.

Just a year into its operation, Talk Staff began morphing into the renowned People Consultancy it is today. This transformation wasn’t just about expanding services; it was about redefining what it means to support businesses and their people strategically.

“Inspiring People, Delivering Results” – Talk Staff’s Slogan Since 2010

The year 2022 was a landmark moment for Talk Staff, as it doubled in size following the strategic acquisition of Designed4Success. This growth wasn’t merely numerical; it was a testament to the company’s innovative approach and commitment to excellence in people development.

Centre Gary Parsons, Right David Orange MD of Talk Staff

A Decade and a Half of Excellence 

As Talk Staff approaches its 15th anniversary in June 2024, it’s impossible not to reflect on the accolades and acknowledgements that have marked the journey of this renowned people consultancy. The company is not just known; it’s celebrated for its ‘Commitment to People Development’ and has been recognised as an ‘Employer of the Year’ multiple times. The array of awards and finalist positions underlines the impact and importance of Talk Staff in the industry.

More Than a Consultancy: A Force for Strategic Development

At its heart, Talk Staff is a People Consultancy. Beyond the label, it’s a beacon for strategic employer support, providing comprehensive services through its four specialist teams: Pay and Reward, HR Support and Advice, People Development & Coaching, and Talent Acquisition. This multi-faceted approach has not only set Talk Staff apart but has also solidified its role as a leader in the field.

Gary Parsons: Looking Ahead with Purpose

For Gary, stepping down as CEO is far from stepping back. It’s about stepping differently—into roles that promise not just personal growth but the chance to contribute on a larger scale.

His passion for breaking the stigma of leadership mental health and wellbeing will see him take to stages across the UK to share his wealth of experience, insights, and lessons learned with a broader audience. His commitment to the topic underscores a deep-seated belief that business founders and their directors should be heard, especially when leading companies through difficult and exciting growth periods that benefit their employees and the broader economy.

In 2021, after living with Bell’s Palsy since the age of 18, Gary broke his silence and revealed the impact that this has on his health – physically and mentally. He navigated this challenge, all whilst founding, growing and expanding the extremely successful Talk Staff in a highly competitive environment. In the face of adversity, it creates a heart-warming story that others will find inspiration in, without feeling that they must hide behind a mask as he did.


Q: What will Gary’s role as a Non-Executive Director entail? 

A: In his new capacity, Gary will continue to provide strategic guidance and support to Talk Staff, leveraging his extensive experience to ensure the company’s continued growth and success. Gary will work alongside Talk Staff’s existing Board of Directors, David and Richard, to continue driving the company further forward.

Q: Has Gary’s shareholding changed? 

A: Remaining as a major shareholder, Gary’s role will be the only change being made and all executive duties have already transitioned.

Q: How can I stay updated on Gary’s keynote speaking engagements?

A: Keep an eye on Gary’s and Talk Staff’s social media channels for updates on upcoming speaking events and engagements.

In Summary

Gary’s transition from CEO to Non-Executive Director and his embarkation on new ventures marks a significant chapter in both his life and the story of Talk Staff. As he looks forward to inspiring others through his speaking engagements and making a tangible impact through charity work, the legacy he’s built at Talk Staff continues to thrive. Here’s to new beginnings, fresh challenges, and continued success as Gary steps into this exciting phase of his journey, and as Talk Staff celebrates 15 remarkable years of business.

Let’s eagerly anticipate the stories of growth, inspiration, and impact that are sure to emerge from this new chapter in Gary’s career and the continued evolution of Talk Staff.