Organisational Development

Today’s challenges have left the working world in a turbulent sea of constant change. 

We’re hearing first-hand from leaders and their teams suffering many obstacles including:

  • Leading effectively through a crisis
  • Building real empathy and motiving their team
  • Balancing wellbeing with team performance
  • Creating good habits in a hybrid world

Are your leaders suffering from these too? 

The good news is, through our UK team of psychologists, coaches and facilitators we can build your ability to reach goals faster, drive performance and put you at the leading edge of employee wellbeing.  

69% of senior leaders surveyed put their success down to good company culture. 

With that in mind here’s 5 areas of organisational development we focus on that strike at the heart of your future success. 

Drop us a note about how your leaders are coping this year and we’ll send some insights over. 

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1. Leadership Development 

Inspire from the front 

77% of businesses report deficiencies when it gets to leadership level which is a staggering statistic. 

Break the mould with leadership that empowers and develop influential techniques that turn your strengths as a leader into commercial results and recognition.  

We help: 

Established leaders – Harness the power of adaptability, real empathy and powerful leadership. 

New Leaders40% of new leaders fail in the first 18 months, we mould leaders at this crucial stage to bring fresh ideas to the business instead of mounting stress.  

High potentials – To sustain your businesses’ success you need great leaders for the future. Build skills from within your team and empower talented new hires. 

Leaders in new roles – Leaders are moving sectors as the job market shifts creating an experience and understanding gap, at the same time these leaders bring fresh perspectives and lucrative results if their skills are used correctly. Are your new leaders performing or struggling? 

We help large complex businesses turn leadership into a powerful force.  

Here’s an insight into what it’s like working with us: 

“The programme for our most senior 25 leaders was very successful and challenging which is exactly what we wanted it to be. That success was down to the skills, in depth knowledge, sensitivity and approach of the facilitators from D4S.”  

Read more about leadership development here 

2. Team Development 

Drive success through your greatest asset, your people 

Increase performance and wellbeing through powerful cutting-edge techniques. 

Companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20%. 

Thinking differently is the key to continuous development, we break you out of the patterns embedding into your company culture and causing rifts. 

Rather than assuming the problem we take the time to understand your team on a deep level, using cutting edge techniques involving cognitive diversity, psychometric assessments and more with our team development services. 

“Chris has facilitated our ‘thinking’ time and supported translating this into a high-level planning approach which enables each member of the team to contribute to the discussions and the development of ideas and how they translate into actions” Chief Executive, Charity sector 

Get a taste with our free virtual Espresso sessions taking place monthly on topics from building real empathy (vs fake empathy), the 5 pillars of stress and innovative thinking.  

For you and your teams, all in a speedy 20-minute personal development session. 

Upcoming Sessions 

Below are some of the core team in their Christmas jumpers.

3. Executive Coaching 

68% of employees surveyed agreed that development and training are the most critical policies within a company. 

Coaching is multi-faceted. And that’s what makes it so interesting. We help: 

  • People who want to grow 
  • Leaders that want to inspire 
  • Teams that want to win together 
  • Teams who have lost their way. 

Whether your team are performing, and you want to futureproof your growth and team bond, or you’re in trouble and need to inject motivation and passion back into your team we’re here to help. 

We create tailored programmes from scratch, developed and delivered by some of the UK’s best psychologists and executive coaches. 

Programmes that have delighted our clients include. 

  • Building Resilience and Emotional Intelligence (Futureproof your Growth) 
  • Using Facet 5 personality profiling to understand yourself and others on a deep level 
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Learn Cognitive Diversity Techniques) 
  • Workplace Wellbeing and Employee Engagement 

4. Employee Engagement 

Growing beyond the ‘tick box’ culture to profitable transformations 

34% of British employees have quit their role in the past due to a bad workplace culture. 

Whereas 72% of leaders and employers surveyed reported that great culture helps successful change initiatives happen. 

Building a deep connection between your teammates and leadership can be game changing, in a way to translates through increased employee wellbeing and lucrative commercial results. 

Turning teammates into advocates can send shockwaves through the business, in a great way. 

We meet many leaders who worry about encouraging their team to raise concerns and then appearing disingenuous when they can’t action everything raised. 

We explore innovative ways to bring the best out of your team and make them feel valued and able to share ideas, without breaking the bank catering to every individual wish. 

5. Company Culture and Change 

Constantly evolve in today’s world 

Let’s be honest, today’s world keeps throwing curveballs at us. Not only have our ways of working become more complex with hybrid working and technology, but our emotional wellbeing has been deeply impacted too. 

We’re at the cutting edge of the research side of DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) helping teams understand each other on a deep level and embracing demographic diversity, neurodiversity and cognitive diversity. 

We dive into your team culture, promoting powerful performance engagement and using other innovative techniques.  

What’s more, as specialists in hiring & retaining great talent, HR support and payroll we have a deep knowledge of businesses multi-functional requirements that we can tap into too.  

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