Key payroll deadlines and dates for 2024-2025

Exploring the main payroll deadline dates you need to know for payroll.

Watch out for more changes in the Autumn and Spring Budgets especially with the changes expected from the General Election in 2024.

Key payroll dates for 2024

April 2024

1st April – The changes to National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage both start on 1st April. You can see the National Minimum Wage Rates for 2024-2025 in our blog.

Payroll Fun Fact: Did you know that the National Minimum Wage was first introduced in the UK in April 1999?

6th April – The new tax and NICs bands and thresholds became effective on 6th April 2024.

Payroll Fun Fact: The UK tax year runs from 6th April to 5th April, a quirk that dates back to the change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar in 1752.

May 2024

31st May – P60s are issued to UK workers who are employed by them on the 5th April with the deadline for P60 forms to employees being the 31st May.

A P60 form is essential for employees to complete their annual self-assessment tax return.

June 2024

1st June – is the deadline for payroll benefits information being issued to employees.

The payrolling of benefits allows employees to see the tax impact of their benefits in real-time on their payslips.

July 2024

Most key P11D deadlines and Class 1A payments take place during this month. Read more about P11D deadlines for 2024. Explore them separately in this article.

The P11D form details benefits and expenses provided to employees, which are not included in payroll processing.

October 2024

19th October (Postal) / 22nd October (Electronic) – Tax payment of 2024-25 Class 1B NIC and tax deadlines.

Class 1B National Insurance Contributions cover expenses and benefits that are processed through a PAYE Settlement Agreement.

Key payroll dates for 2025

January 2025

31st January 2025 – Deadline for self-assessment tax returns, due by midnight.

April 2025

5th April 2025 – End of 2024-2025 tax year. Year End-filing.

6th April 2025 – The new tax year in 2025 starts on 6th April 2025.

Starting fresh on a new tax year can help with financial planning and taking advantage of new allowances and reliefs and the run up to the new tax year can be a good time to consider choosing a new payroll provider.

May 2025

31st May – P60 forms to employers deadline for 2025.

Keeping a copy of your P60 is crucial for employees as it serves as proof of income and tax paid for the year, electronics copies of P60 have made things easier

July 2025

P11D deadlines will start in July 2025. More information to follow.

Submitting P11D forms on time is crucial to avoid penalties and ensure accurate tax records.

October 2025

19th October (Postal) / 22nd October (Electronic) – Tax payment of 2024-25 Class 1B NIC and tax deadlines expected.

Electronic submission and payment are encouraged to ensure timely receipt and reduce the risk of postal delays.

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N.B  Please note that the information in this blog was created based on the integrity of reputable links at the time of publishing and may not include every payroll deadline for related topics. This blog should be used for guidance only, you should always check information further before taking action as sources may update over time. Talk Staff holds no responsibility for implementation or loss.

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