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✓ Ready To Pay Employees in 14 Days

✓ Dedicated Point-Of-Contact

✓ Hassle-Free Configuration

✓ Straightforward Employee Communications


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    Our Payroll Switch Guarantee

    1. Ready to Pay Employees Within Just 14 Days

    Once we have all your data, we can have you up and running within 14 days and ready to pay employees on time.

    2. Dedicated Point-of-Contact During Setup

    A single point of contact by telephone and email to ensure everything runs smoothly during the switch process.

    3. Straightforward Employee Communications

    Our expert team will make sure that emails are sent out to existing employees notifying them of the changes to a new provider.

    4. Hassle-Free Configuration

    We’ll liaise with your current provider to ensure that all the information needed is supplied to us and reduce errors caused by miscommunication.

    Switching to Talk Staff Payroll…easy as 1, 2, 3

    Step 1 - Approval

    You give us your permission to liaise with your current provider and third-parties such as HMRC and your pension provider.

    Step 2 - Handover

    We proactively engage with your current provider to get all the information we need, to create accurate payroll submissions straight from the off.

    Step 3 - Support

    We walk you through the steps of submitting payroll for the first time and how the process will work ahead of each pay date.


    Want a copy of our Payroll Leaflet?

    Payroll Switch Guarantee Terms and Conditions

    These terms and conditions (“Terms”) outline the requirements and obligations for employers participating in Talk Staff’s Switch Guarantee Campaign (“Campaign”). By participating in the Campaign, employers agree to comply with these Terms. 

    1. Eligibility and Information Submission: 

    Employers must provide all necessary information in the required format at least two weeks before the agreed-upon go-live date. Please submit information on time to ensure service delivery is completed on time. 

    2. Initiation of Guarantee: 

    The guarantee clock starts ticking upon completion of the first kick-off meeting, provided that Talk Staff has received all required information. 

    3. Timeline Guarantee: 

    Talk Staff commits to completing the transition within two weeks from the initiation of the guarantee. 

    4. Data Transfer: 

    Employee information will be securely transferred by liaising with the existing provider or through an alternative secure electronic format. 

     5. Completeness of Information: 

    Employers must provide all necessary information requested by Talk Staff to ensure a smooth transition within the specified two-week timeframe. 

    6. Additional Charges: 

    Talk Staff reserves the right to adjust the setup charge if the transition process requires more intervention than reasonably expected at its discretion, where the guarantee is being enforced. 

    7. Communication Protocols: 

    Employers must promptly send all requested information to Talk Staff in the specified format and in its entirety. 

    8. Communication Channels: 

    Communication may occur via phone, email, and Talk Staff’s designated portal. 

    9. Dispute Resolution: 

    In the event of disputes or issues, both parties agree to engage in good-faith discussions to resolve matters amicably. 

    10. Confidentiality and Data Security: 

    Employers must ensure the secure transmission of information to Talk Staff. However, delays caused by external factors, such as a refusal by the existing provider, pensions provider, or Modulr (payments provider), are beyond Talk Staff’s control. 

    By participating in the Campaign, employers acknowledge and accept these Terms. Talk Staff reserves the right to modify these Terms with prior notice.