Performance & Development

Performance & Development

High performing teams don’t happen by accident. They require a lot of groundwork, and If you want to create one you need to know what they require.

Common goals, values and behaviours are all key but how do you instil these within your business? Is communication open and honest both horizontally as vertically? Is there a supportive environment? Do people trust each other? Can performance be measured?

Trying to create a high performing team can leave you with more questions than answers, so it’s easy to see why they are rare.

Our people consultants are highly experienced at developing a culture of learning and implementing processes to ensure that progression and development are at the core of your business.


  • Creating and Developing High Performing Teams
  • Developing Talent Progression Journeys
  • Creating Meaningful Employee Development Plans
  • Providing Telephone and Face to Face HR Support across Employee Relations and Legal Compliance
  • Drafting HR Documents, Policies, Processes and Letters
  • Managing Employee Performance including Difficult Conversations
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A fantastic consultant, with an ability to hone in on key issues and provide valuable guidance, which has helped us re-evaluate our company’s objectives, service offering and resource needs.

Kelly Hill
Director, The Tonic Communications

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