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With 18 manufacturing plants across 13 countries, Pirelli is a leading global brand and its UK head office located at Burton on Trent is a major local employer.

We work with Pirelli to promote their growth, success and credentials as one of the UK’s top employers to help Pirelli to acquire and retain the top talent both locally and further afield.


We started working with Pirelli in 2015 and quickly developed a fantastic relationship with their incredibly talented in-house teams.

Whilst the objective seemed clear, to maintain and enhance Pirelli’s employer brand and increase recruitment capability across the business, there was currently no strategy in place to establish and maintain this over the longer term. Pirelli also wanted, over the short term, to address and improve certain day-to-day operational objectives, these were:

  • To make a shift from offline based recruitment advertising to an effective online strategy
  • Reduce time-to-hire across the business with an increase in both volume and quality whilst integrating with their internal HR System
  • To increase exposure of the Pirelli employer brand.


Talk Staff Recruitment worked closely with Pirelli to explore the options available and carried out a needs analysis based on previous recruitment campaigns and spend.

With Pirelli’s feedback and advised monthly recruitment budget in mind, Talk Staff Recruitment created and delivered on Pirelli’s behalf, the following talent acquisition strategy:

  • Job boards were chosen to compliment the majority of roles being advertised across the business, utilising ad-hoc media for sector specific and specialist roles
  • Where some roles demanded a faster time-to-hire (TTH), the Talk Staff Recruitment permanent Search staffing team were aligned to meet requirements
  • Job adverts were distributed, choosing targeted media on a case-by-case basis to get the best results for each role
  • Branded advertising which included a combination of Job Board landing pages and full Pirelli branded advertisements to raise Pirelli’s employer profile with active candidates
  • To showcase Pirelli jobs available, regular media articles were written and circulated via Talk Staff Recruitment’s key relationships with local media partners, such as the Burton Mail Newspaper
  • Dedicated Account Management was provided to allow a single point of contact between all Pirelli HR Business Partners across the UK enabling a centralised, easy to access solution for all roles within the business
  • Talk Staff Recruitment used key relationships with leading job boards in Pirelli’s industry sector and with local partners
  • Implemented analytics to track spend and results per role advertised.


Talk Staff Recruitment achieved the following amazing results:

  • Following a review of online job board options and social media channels, Talk Staff Recruitment implemented the transformation from primarily offline job advertising to online targeted job board advertising.
  • With online job advertising now a primary focus, integration of applications through to the Pirelli HR System from multiple online job advertisements allowed faster access to candidates – a noticeable time-to-hire difference was made especially on some key difficult to fill roles.
  • A direct increase in the number of quality applications through online media with all roles advertised with the Pirelli brand.

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“Working with not only an amazing consumer brand but an amazing team! Pirelli get exactly what Talk Staff Recruitment is all about and we continue to help them build on their fantastic employer brand too.”

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David Orange
MD of Talk Staff and D4S
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