Traditionally accountants have been the first point of call for companies wanting to outsource their payroll. However, the benefits of specialist payroll companies are illustrated by the fact that many accountancy firms are now choosing to confidentially outsource payroll to specialist payroll companies.

Part Of The Service Offering?

Many accountancy firms feel the need to offer payroll services as part of their offering to clients, but also feel that this task is something of a chore that distracts from their core offering. This is especially true given recent changes in legislation, such as the introduction of auto-enrolment and gender pay gap reporting. So if you are an accountancy firm that offers payroll services to clients, you should consider outsourcing this to a specialist payroll provider.

What Actually Is Payroll For Accountants?

Should you desire it, payroll providers can provide a service to your clients that makes it appear as if they are dealing with your payroll department. We can ensure that email and phone communications are answered in the name of your accountancy firm.

Payroll providers can provide accountants with a bespoke payroll system, tailored to your specific requirements. Sometimes an accountancy practice will only outsource payroll for some of its clients, and this is an option open to you if you wish, but most firms choose to outsource their entire payroll service.

The benefits of outsourcing payroll for an accountancy firm include:

Concentrate On Core Accountancy Services

If another party takes care of payroll, then you can concentrate on your core activities, such as tax and accounts work, audit and consultancy; and you can also focus on day-to-day management of the firm and building up your business.

Saves Money And Resources

Although your accountancy firm may have the expertise to run the payroll yourself, doing so takes up valuable time and resources every week. A payroll company will, of course, charge a fee for its services, but if you decide to outsource this function, then you will not have to pay someone in-house to administer payroll, will not have to spend money training them, and will not have to maintain a payroll computer system.

Reduces Risk

Outsourcing payroll will prevent one of your staff making an unfortunate error when administering the payroll. Furthermore, it removes the requirement for additional in-house expertise and therefore reduces stress when your payrollers go on holiday, or have time off sick.

Our Entire Focus Is Payroll

If you entrust Talk Staff Payroll with your payroll service, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands – our focus day-in, day-out is payroll and nothing else. Do get in touch if this is something you’d like to hear more about.

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