8 Compelling Reasons You Need an HR Policy Review Today

8 Compelling Reasons You Need an HR Policy Review Today

HR Policies need to evolve, just as businesses do! HR policies form the backbone of HR compliance, ensuring smooth operations for business leaders and encouraging a positive work environment.

An annual review of your HR policies is a great way to keep them in shape to avoid any legal pitfalls and identify fresh ways to stand out from the crowd as an employer. Especially with the expected changes to employment law which will start coming in as a result of the Labour Government.

HR Policy Reviews

Here are 8 compelling reasons why your company needs an HR policy review today.

1. Rapid Expansion as a Start-Up

To ensure success and smooth processes during rapid growth.

Your start-up is riding the waves of the market boom you predicted and the rapid growth that comes with this. Your entrepreneurship is leading to the success you dreamed off, you’re hiring the right people and it’s paying off.

When your start-up is growing quickly, it’s easy to overlook the importance of updating HR policies. However, scaling up means new employees, the dawn of departments such as marketing and potentially extra locations.

Ensuring your HR policies are up-to-date can prevent misunderstandings and help you build the right company culture for productivity and success.

Choosing the right small business payroll provider

Other important factors you’ll need as you grow include establishing the best option for small business payroll. You need to choose the right outsourced payroll provider or solution which can scale effectively with your business but will still treat you as important whilst you’re a small business.

HR and Payroll Together

Choosing a provider who can support you with small business payroll and HR allows you to work with a partner who understand you on a deeper level. This helps significantly as you navigate change through business growth when you partner with someone you can trust.

Talk Staff are helping clients jointly with payroll and HR for small businesses. We work with client who use our payroll services, HR support or both!

Key Policies and items to Review:

  • Employee Handbook
  • Onboarding and recruitment processes

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2. Post-Acquisition Integration

Aligning HR policies & keeping everyone on the same page

Mergers and acquisitions bring together different corporate cultures and systems.

A comprehensive HR policy review ensures a smooth transition and integration of employees from both organisations, aligning them under a unified set of clear guidelines.

It’s important this is communicated effectively, and that the right stakeholders are consulted where necessary.

Aligning all the HR policies as people will be working from different policies which can cause conversion and effect employee relations.

Key Policies and items to Review:

  • Benefits and Compensation Policies
  • Performance Management
  • Hybrid working policy

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3. Compliance with New HR Legislation

To avoid getting caught out legally by HR and payroll changes

HR legislation and regulations are continually evolving especially with the UK Election.

The new Labour government is sparking excitement for some HR teams with talk of progressive Employment Policies. These could impact Statutory Pay Rates, National Minimum Wage and Flexible Working.

On the other hand, others fear of the consequences and upheaval for employers and payroll processing. Not to mention a possible avalanche of HR admin, meaning many are looking for extra HR support.

Staying compliant with the latest legal requirements is crucial to avoid penalties and employment tribunals.

Whilst it’s not possible to predict every upcoming change, by regularly reviewing your HR policies you can ensure that you’re as up to date as possible.

Essential HR Policies required under UK law:

  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Disciplinary And Dismissal Policies
  • Grievance Policy

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4. Adapting to Hybrid Work Models

To get the best out of both worlds

The pandemic has shifted how we work, with hybrid and remote work models becoming the norm in many companies. The Flexible Working Bill has also changed things in terms of HR compliance.

Reviewing and updating your HR policies to reflect these changes can enhance productivity and employee satisfaction.

We’ve got several helpful resources around writing a hybrid working policy, communicating changes such as a return to the office & suggested alternatives to the 4-day working week (if this isn’t in already on your horizon).

Useful companion policies for hybrid working

  • Hybrid Working Policy
  • Performance Management Policy
  • Flexible Working Hours Policy

Managing hybrid teams successfully

Managing teams remotely is very different to managing in-house, but it’s possible to build excellent relationships between managers and teams in a hybrid working setting. Our organisational development team, Designed4Success, have a number of coaching programmes and blended learning options which compliment this.

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5. Integrating Emerging Technologies

Increase productivity through AI and emerging tech in HR without falling into traps

With the rise of AI and other technologies, it’s vital to address their impact on the workplace.

Clear policies on AI use can help manage ethical concerns and set expectations for both employers and employees.

This allows employees and departments the freedom to integrate new technology whilst maintaining an adequate level of risk management.

Technology-Driven Policies:

  • AI Use at Work Policy
  • Data Privacy and Security Policy
  • Digital Communication Policy

6. Enhancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

Drive innovation & retention through diverse teams and open culture

Promoting a diverse and authentically inclusive workplace is important for driving innovative thinking and creating a culture of psychological safety. Updating your HR policies to reflect a commitment to DEIB can attract top talent and improve employee morale.

Diversity-Focused Policies:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • Anti-Harassment and Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Equal Opportunity Employment Policy

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7. Boosting Employee Engagement and Retention

Attract and retain top talent through progressive policies to stand out

Well-crafted HR policies play a crucial role in employee satisfaction and retention. Regular reviews ensure that your policies remain relevant and effective in addressing the needs of your workforce.

This is important from a standing out point of view. When you lead from the front you stand out as an employee.

Engagement-Centric Policies:

  • People Development Policy
  • Employee Recognition and Rewards Program
  • Feedback and Grievance Procedures

8. Annual HR Policy Reviews

How often should you review your HR policies? It’s important to review your HR policies annually to ensure you a) stay compliant b) these policies still fit the evolving needs of your business and that of your employees.

You may need to review these more regularly, for example if you have rapid growth.

The next question is, who should review your HR policies?

Who should conduct a HR policy review?

It’s important that the person who conducts the HR policy review has a thorough knowledge of HR legislation and ideally who also have experience in helping to develop people within a business.

Partnering with an outsourced HR provider can be a great way to get a perspective from outside the box. Outsourced HR providers often work with a diverse range of organisations which gives them extra perspectives beyond the normal checks.

Talk Staff can support you in reviewing your HR policies with an annual review or on a more regular basis through our HR support and advice options.

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