Is managed payroll right for my business?

Are you wondering if managed payroll is right for your business? Here’s 4 questions to ask yourself if you want to decide if fully managed payroll or payroll bureau services is the right route for you.

Managed Payroll – 4 Questions to ask

In-house knowledge and support – First of all consider how much in-house expertise you have, for example if you have payroll specialists already employed working on other projects then bureau services might suffice, however consider if your in-house team have time to take this on.

Trusted payroll partner – Many companies test out payroll bureau services first, building up a relationship with a trusted payroll company before exploring the benefits of managed payroll. Managed Payroll case studies are also a good way to get a feel for what managed payroll can look like with a new payroll provider.

Is your payroll partner responsive? – Employee satisfaction rides on communication, if your payroll provider is going to be speaking directly with your employees you need to know they’ll get the answers they’ll need. Equally make sure you communicate any change to managed payroll effectively both to existing staff and new hires as they come in, this is essential for building a good company culture too.

Flexibility and scalability – Growing businesses often experience fluctuations in workforce size and other changes which means their payroll needs also evolve.

A fully managed payroll service offers scalability without the need to hire in-house expertise and allows the flexibility to accommodate fluctuations in employee count, seasonal variations, market changes and any other payroll adaptions. This is useful for small business payroll where you are experiencing fast growth, expanding SMEs and large organisations expanding into global markets.

Whether you need to add more employees or incorporate additional benefits a managed payroll provide can adapt to these evolving needs seamlessly.

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Talk Staff’s Fully Managed Payroll Service

The workplace stress that comes with payroll often holds your team back, and that’s why many of our clients choose to outsource their entire payroll process to us. They trust us to look after all of the payroll data, deal responsively to employee questions and queries and liaise with departments to ensure that every pay run is a success.

Working with a number of leading providers within the HR & Payroll Software Industry, we’re able to integrate with a number of critical systems to ensure consistency of data. This means that when our clients are looking to drive employee engagement, we’re their first point of contact to improve on this important and crucial area.

Paying people right has never been so important and helps with employee retention, reward your people and say goodbye to timely payroll admin.

What’s more as a people consultancy we offer a more strategic view of your business moving forward…

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