Have Yourself a Merry Little Payroll

For everyone dealing with payroll admin this Christmas…we salute you! Payroll can sometimes feel like walking up a big snowy hill whilst battling the wind and cold.

But a smooth payroll process can feel more like sailing downhill on a sledge, although with a LOT more predictability!

We deliver outsourced payroll services to over 100+ employers in the UK who love our approachable team and clear processes, and we wanted to share some festive payroll-related fun this Christmas.

We also wanted to highlight some of the payroll challenges teams like yours face and how we can help.

We’re celebrating all things payroll with 5 Christmas song tributes to celebrate the hard work of payroll teams and outsourced payroll providers.

1. Rocking around the NMW

Being in payroll means keeping your fingers on the pulse of the constantly changing payroll legislation.

The National Minimum Wage is changing in April 2024, and the age of the high band has dropped to 21 years of age!

This means payroll providers will be busy updating payslips alongside employers as the changes roll in April 2024.

There’s nothing scarier than going downstairs on Christmas and remembering Santa has forgotten a vital Christmas present! Failing to update people’s wages as they approach milestone birthdays is one nightmare you won’t want to encounter before Christmas.

Our outsourced payroll team not only stay up-to-date on the latest payroll legislation, including the updates from the Autumn Statement 2023, but keep you in the loop too! What’s more our customised reporting is one more way to keep your payroll in rhythm this Christmas and beyond.

Here’s just 3 gifts for your employees that your payroll elves won’t want to leave stuck-up-the-chimney, read more in our HR and Payroll legislation blog:

  • National Insurance Contributions cut by 2% from 6th January 2024
  • NMW rises from April 2024
  • Draft legislation for holiday for irregular hours and part-year workers from Jan 2024

2. All I want for Christmas is you…to ring me back!

As a payroll customer there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to get hold of your outsourced payroll provider.

Imagine the scene, you’ve spotted an error, and it needs fixing quick before HMRC turn all your Christmas presents into coal…or even worse, a Fine!

But you keep getting passed from pillar to post through several customer service representatives who can’t or won’t help you.

Luckily people love our small, friendly payroll team who pick up the phone and love supporting you.

What’s more our experienced outsourced payroll team pride themselves on high accuracy, to minimise issues in the first place!

3. Last Christmas I gave you my payroll…

The very next day…they gave out the payslips to your employees…. and they’re all wrong! Noone likes switching payroll providers, it seems high risk and if something goes wrong, it’s your reputation on the line.

When you join us, we like to keep things running smoothly with a clean onboarding process, making switching providers easy. What’s more our payroll services are a treasure trove of presents, with faster payments through to options for customised reports. What will our payroll Santa bring you in 2024?

4. Driving home for payslips…

Whilst you’re driving home for Christmas we’ll be helping people in the run up to Christmas to get all their payslips done and dusted.

Then in the new year we’ll be helping with all the National Insurance Contributions cuts before it’s right onto P11D season.

With Christmas being one of the busiest times of the year for payroll, this is the very last time you want to be dealing with piles of payroll admin or chasing up an elusive outsourced payroll provider. Just imagine, by next Christmas, you could be drinking a nice hot cocoa, safe in the knowledge that Talk Staff have your payroll all in hand.

We streamline your payroll processes at Talk Staff with same or next day bank payments made on your behalf and no more clunky input systems.

5. Stay another Pay

We’re more than payroll. And we know that something sure to dig into your festive finances is having to hire more people. So as well as helping your people get paid we help you reward and retain great staff through our wider people consultancy services. 

The grinch has a habit of gathering employees as part of the great resignation and running off with them in the night, as gifts for your competitors. 

As a people consultancy, we help you find the right people, develop them and then retain them. 

We’re sharing free development sessions each month, through our Organisational Development team D4S, to keep your people engaged and learning.  

Talk Staff Payroll is coming to town

All We want for Christmas is to make YOU successful. And to do that you need engaged people who perform. Just like a Christmas tree we’ve got many shiny ways to support you but to really understand what you need the first step is to talk. Speak to our friendly team about payroll or developing your people.

We’ve love a chat before Christmas. Would you?  

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