Have a Business in The Engineering or Manufacturing Industry?

At Talk Staff, many of the payroll clients we work with operate in engineering and manufacturing industries, so we understand the complexity of payroll for these companies and know the current issues they are facing. So whether you operate a factory line, or have a fleet of engineers, we have the processes to manage your payroll. 

One of the biggest issues manufacturing companies face with their payroll is the sheer diversity in their staff working hours. Dealing with payroll for part-time and full-time staff can be complex, let alone dealing with a mix of permanent, temporary and casual staff. Luckily, at Talk Staff we use tried and tested processes that ensure your payroll is managed accurately and on time every time.

We Understand Engineering & Manufacturing Industries 

We recognise that in your industry, labour turnover is high, whether this be due to seasonal factors or influxes in supply and demand over the year; our payroll outsourcing service is fully flexible for this too. We make the process as easy as possible for bringing in new staff, making sure no payments are missed – so you don’t have to worry. Not only this, but we make submitting and dealing with your employees’ time sheets and overtime easy as possible, so you don’t have to worry about anyone being paid for working the incorrect amount of hours. We also have the ability to work with most Time and Attendance systems too, so are sure to work towards your business structure. Hire apprentices? We can help with that too. We keep track of how much should be paying your apprentices, and let you know when they are entitled to a higher wage, so you can ensure you are working in line with legislation. Not sure if you’re affected by the apprenticeship levy? We can talk to you about that too.

Adhering To Payroll Legislation

With any company’s payroll, working in line with government legislation is crucial. If you’re managing payroll in-house, it can be difficult to keep up with with what’s up to date and what’s been introduced, so it’s easy to miss something. At Talk Staff, we work in payroll day in day out, and know exactly what is required from each of our clients to be compliant. We pride ourselves on fully adhering to HMRC, correctly deducting taxes, dealing with social insurances and any other employment burdens relevant to your business. 

Key Benefits Of Payroll Outsourcing 

  • Free up your time to spend on what you enjoy in your business
  • Payroll service bespoke to your industry 
  • Stress-free payroll management (we gather everything needed – so you don’t have to worry)
  • Our experienced team are experts in payroll, leaving you with nothing to worry about
  • HMRC-accredited software, so you adhere to legislation every time
  • Workflow defined by your payroll schedule

If you would like to find out more about how Talk Staff can help to handle your engineering or manufacturing payroll, get in touch. We’re happy to answer any questions or queries you have.

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A truly excellent partner. Incredibly responsive. totally knowledgeable. And all staff are a pleasure to interact with. Every now and then you encounter an organisation that is run exceptionally well – this is one of them.

Vinny Burke
Owner, Vins Restaurant & Wine Bar

I have always found the staff to be helpful and knowledgeable. The weekly payroll is turned around very quickly; which fits in perfectly with the timescales that we have for our weekly paid staff.

Steve Nicol
Director, Shottle Hall