Confidential: Outsourced Payroll for Healthcare & Education Company

outsourced payroll solution for education and healthcare sector
Outsourcing Payroll Solution & Improving Reporting for Growing Health, Education & Social Care Company.

This company specialises in providing high-quality residential care for children and young people with a focus on enabling individuals to get a successful start in life as they reach adulthood.

They partnered with Talk Staff for Outsourced Payroll Services in 2017 and over the next 6+ years we’ve helped take their payroll from strength to strength with our unique people-focused approach. 


It was clear that from our initial conversations, the company were growing dramatically in size and required a UK payroll provider to help them expand, through the provision of high-accuracy payroll services.  

It was critical that they had access to the best quality people and payroll data to forecast accurately during an exciting time in their growth journey. Having the right level of control over the process was important to them. 

This company’s team deliver services across several locations, with multiple service types, which made processing payroll an added challenge. At the start of our partnership, they were due to open a new care facility, and this added another layer of complexity to the payroll process. 

Historically, they used an accountant to support their payroll and had grown out of this relationship quickly. They were looking for a higher level of accuracy within their payroll process whilst still maintaining a competitive cost-effective solution.  A partner was needed that could support their growth. 

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Moving them onto Talk Staff’s payroll, with an experienced team holding their hand at every stage, we were quickly able to improve the quality of the payroll data for reporting, with each department and location now being recorded correctly. This alone, has allowed their teams to manage their cost centres with extra efficiency, and our clear analysis codes made keeping track of payroll easier – with important decisions now being made with a quicker turnaround. 

With payroll legislation changing, and proving a challenge for businesses across the UK, we worked closely with them to explore providers for Auto Enrolment Pensions and ensured that our knowledge was shared in ensuring employees experienced a seamless change. 

We have since supported them in splitting their business into 2 different limited companies, due the types of support they offer service users. The aim of this restructure is to streamline the company and our experienced team were focused on making this seamless as possible for the employees and management teams, particularly during tough economic times and cost of living. 

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We assisted the company in streamlining everything related to payroll and pensions, especially as their business grew significantly in the space of 3 months, with all the associated obstacles and opportunities considered. 

Our experienced payroll team continue to partner with them on projects as they expand and evolve, always exploring new methods to improve the efficiency of their payroll. By splitting the businesses, they also found this has simplified the payroll process and made the data even easier to access. 

They have been able to adapt, as their business scales over time, ensuring high levels of payroll accuracy whilst providing them with superior payroll data. 

They continue to enjoy a smooth payroll service and love how easy it is to get hold of our friendly and knowledgeable team. 

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A truly excellent partner. Incredibly responsive. totally knowledgeable. And all staff are a pleasure to interact with. Every now and then you encounter an organisation that is run exceptionally well – this is one of them.

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