As part of the 10 Year Birthday celebrations our Marketing Manager Jack Hardy has been quizzing the directors about themselves and the company, so that they can share their experiences.

This blog focuses on David Orange the Sales & Marketing Director and his journey with Talk Staff.

Hi David, can you introduce yourself please?

I’m David Orange, Sales & Marketing Director for Talk Staff, I’d describe myself as someone who is always on the go and who loves a challenge. I’m told I have an infectious personality and absolutely love all things People (even the bad stuff!).

Outside of work I have an eclectic range of interests and hobbies, some which have seen me tread the boards of Amateur Musical Theatre and Plays, be a judge for the Eagle Awards in Derby, hold a solo glider pilots licence all this whilst still enjoying a pretty full on health & fitness regime (Think HIIT Classes, Running and Football) – Add into the mix a young son and my love for hosting family and friends at dinner parties and BBQs, I’m pretty much always doing something.

Why did you start Talk Staff?

Without sounding cheesy, I wanted to make a difference – Following a successful period working in a Corporate Recruitment Business both as a Finance & Accountancy Recruiter and as a Recruitment Trainer I found myself wanting to both provide and encourage people to provide a service which was over and above the standard in our industry.

Looking back on the last 10 years, what I was aiming for was much more than the scope of recruitment and this definitely culminated in where Talk Staff is heading today.

What got Talk Staff to where it is now?

In all honesty, blood, sweat and tears.

Choosing to set up in the recession was not an easy decision and we knew that there was a lot of hard work to put in, starting with working 100 hour weeks – full time in the business and also 2 part time jobs, a little known fact about me is the I was the Match Day VIP Hospitality Manager for Derby County Football Club during the setup phase of Talk Staff.

Over the years we have learned a lot in a very short period of time, we have taken some great guidance and advice from business coaches and learned the value of spending time on the business to ensure that we’re working towards our overarching objectives. 

The importance of having a business strategy and plan to hold ourselves accountable has never been so clear and is something we use to drive our business to where it is now.

What makes you passionate about Talk Staff?

Anybody that knows me or meets me can instantly see that I am a people person, so working within and directing a business which is focused around supporting other businesses to champion their people agenda and drive positive culture is something which provides me with an enormous amount of natural passion.

I love seeing the difference that we are making every day to businesses across the East Midlands.

There’s more to come!

There will be more blogs to follow from both David and Gary about them, Talk Staff and the future! Follow our social media pages to make sure you don’t miss them!

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Author: Jack Hardy
Jack is the Marketing Manager at Talk Staff and has gained experience working globally for B2B and B2C companies both big and small in various industries giving him a wealth of experience and holds various qualifications giving him the knowledge needed to apply it.