As part of the 10 Year Birthday celebrations our Marketing Manager Jack Hardy has been quizzing the directors about themselves and the company, so that they can share their experiences.

This blog focuses on David Orange the Sales & Marketing Director and the past, present and future of the company.

Hi David, can you introduce yourself please?

I’m David Orange, Sales & Marketing Director for Talk Staff, I’d describe myself as someone who is always on the go and who loves a challenge. I’m told I have an infectious personality and absolutely love all things People (even the bad stuff!).

Outside of work I have an eclectic range of interests and hobbies, some which have seen me tread the boards of Amateur Musical Theatre and Plays, be a judge for the Eagle Awards in Derby, hold a solo glider pilots licence all this whilst still enjoying a pretty full on health & fitness regime (Think HIIT Classes, Running and Football) – Add into the mix a young son and my love for hosting family and friends at dinner parties and BBQs, I’m pretty much always doing something.

What are your major accomplishments?

I’ve seen major personal growth, having to adapt to the growing needs of the business on a month by month basis has been challenging but immensely rewarding.

Over the last 10 years my personal achievements and business achievements are closely linked, having something that you care about so much in your life means that you celebrate the achievements in the same way.

Setting up a business was never going to be an easy task, nor keeping all the plates spinning whilst focusing on growth but we’ve managed to achieve exactly that, 10 years on and we’re pushing for even more success.

What are Talk Staff’s major accomplishments?

As a business we have had a number of milestones, most recently becoming 10 years old, but the ones that really stick out are:

  • 2009 – Taking the plunge and setting up Talk Staff
  • 2010 – First office and First employee
  • 2011 – 2016 – Achieving Sustainable Growth both in Revenues and in Headcount
  • 2017 – Launching our Talent Academy
  • 2017 – Winning our First Award – ‘Commitment to People Development’
  • 2018 – Opening our second branch and winning the ‘Employer of the Year’ award
  • 2019 – Having a dedicated Head Office building as a platform for growth
  • 2019 – Talk Staff’s 10th Birthday

Where do you see Talk Staff going? 

Taking the decision to develop Talk Staff into a full-service People Consultancy based on informative insight has been a real game changer and really allows us to take the foundation of what we were offering to a completely new level.

We have a very ambitious 3-year plan, focused on delivering a full service offering around the People Lifecycle, championing the People Agenda and developing incredible company cultures across the East Midlands.

In terms of growth we are aiming to double our headcount over the next 18 months, including a Senior Management tier and a number of additional specialist hires, allowing us to better service our clients.

We also have an internal People Agenda that we will be working on with our own People, ensuring we are able to demonstrate best practice whilst providing our teams a fantastic place to work and opportunities to develop their careers further.

As a value-add business we pride ourselves on adding tangible value during every conversation and meeting – it’s not all about commercials, it’s about making a real difference.

There’s more to come!

There will be more blogs to follow from both David and Gary about them, Talk Staff and the future! Follow our social media pages to make sure you don’t miss them!

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Author: Jack Hardy
Jack is the Marketing Manager at Talk Staff and has gained experience working globally for B2B and B2C companies both big and small in various industries giving him a wealth of experience and holds various qualifications giving him the knowledge needed to apply it.