As part of the 10 Year Birthday celebrations our Marketing Manager Jack Hardy has been quizzing the directors about themselves and the company, so that they can share their experiences.

This blog focuses on Gary Parsons the Managing Director and his journey with Talk Staff.

Hi Gary, can you introduce yourself please?

Hi, my name is Gary Parsons and I’m one of Talk Staff’s founders – we established the business in 2009, during the Great Recession. I lead strategic growth, on behalf of our board, whilst being careful in maintaining operational performance, my role as Managing Director sees me working across our office network, whilst collaborating on key projects with our amazing senior management team.

Outside of work – You’ll often find me relaxing with friends, improving my fitness at the gym (…still working on my six pack) or getting involved with different charities, including my recent efforts in raising money for Cancer Research UK by learning the Charleston within 8 weeks and raising over £1,500… Not to forget, the opportunity of dancing in front of family/friends at Derby’s famous Roundhouse.

Why did you start Talk Staff?

In 2009, I was enjoying a career at one of the UK’s Top 10 Staffing Firms and had helped a number of companies achieve optimal performance by focusing their attention on their teams and became one of the highest billing consultants in the country.

I always had ambitions of setting up my own consultancy and after spending a number of months speaking with our co-founder David, we decided that our shared values and longer-term vision of ‘Inspiring People, Delivering Results’ would quickly set us apart from others.

What got Talk Staff to where it is now?

Three words – ‘Two Way Conversations’. Initially, we placed 100% of our focus on building long-term relationships and spent time learning about the local market. It was obvious that our clients needed more than a simple ‘find, select and place’ partner and this was great news, as we’d been doing this for a number of years already! Making sure that clients had the right help and advice along the way was essential to their success.

It’s been an amazing journey so far, with lots of proud moments along the way, as companies have flourished, and we have seen so many great people be given promotions into their dream jobs.

What makes you passionate about Talk Staff?

Right from the start of my career, I’ve always believed in sustainable ways of working and not cutting corners to get quick results. The relationships I’ve built have been based on shared values and some amazing relationships have come from them.

Like in any industry you see the good and the bad, but my passion focuses on championing ‘the right way’ to do things. If I can make a small difference, to not only the people in our industry but our clients, then I’ve got it right.

Getting to 10 years has been tough and so many lessons have been learned. I’m 100% committed to driving focus of people and skills at a local and national level – especially those of entrepreneurs both present and future – they’ll be the people who will not only affect lives but make the biggest impact on our economy when the right support is given.

There’s more to come!

There will be more blogs to follow from both Gary and David about them, Talk Staff and the future! Follow our social media pages to make sure you don’t miss them!

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Author: Jack Hardy
Jack is the Marketing Manager at Talk Staff and has gained experience working globally for B2B and B2C companies both big and small in various industries giving him a wealth of experience and holds various qualifications giving him the knowledge needed to apply it.