The New UK National Minimum Wage Rates – Introduced From 1st April 2019

The New UK National Minimum Wage Rates – Introduced From 1st April 2019

From the 1st of April 2019 the National Minimum Wage will be increased, this is the minimum pay per hour most workers in the UK are entitled to by law.

This will benefit an estimated 2.4 million workers, who are already hoping to see further increases by 2020 as Chancellor Hammond has his sights set on increasing the National Minimum Wage to £9.

National Minimum Wage in 2024 – This blog was written in 2019, click here if you want National Minimum Wage 2024.

As An Employee

You will not be required to do anything to receive the pay rise if you are eligible for it.

As An Employer

You must ensure that eligible employees are receiving the full amount.

The New UK National Minimum Wage Rates

2018/19 Rate Post 01/04/2019 Rate
25 & Over  £7.83  £8.21
21 – 24 Years Old  £7.38  £7.70
18 – 20 Years Old  £5.90  £6.15
16 – 17 Years Old  £4.20  £4.35
Apprentice Rate  £3.70  £3.90

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