Employer Branding can be difficult to grasp when you first begin to create your brand, there are however fine lines between succeeding and causing yourself more issues than required. By using these simple Do’s and Don’ts you should have a clear view as to where your next steps lie.

Don’t mistake your Employer brand and your sales brand.

This may seem an obvious instruction however your employer brand should hold the same attention as your sales brand but tailored to a different audience. Different to your sales brand, your employer brand should showcase your inner culture, employee environment and principles of your business. Your employer brand should not include offers or POS contact, it should be well rounded and showcasing the same level of care and attention across the board.

Do make sure your Employer brand has a focus

In order to create an amazing employer brand, you need to have a goal and tailor all your actions towards it. Much like personal development, if you do not work towards something you may find you have created an inconsistent brand that doesn’t showcase what you initially intended. When planning your brand, you need to make sure all brand activities are focussed on your objectives from the beginning.

Don’t keep changing it

The key to a strong brand is familiarity and development. It’s understandable to want to update and move with the ages especially if you have a long standing business. If development is inevitable, make sure your changes are subtle else you risk losing the familiarity you have with either your customers or potential candidates. Work with what you already have and build on your existing principles. So long as your principles fit well with your existing brand you will have a strong base to develop further.

Do keep an eye on your development

You may be sending out all this wonderful content but it’s not being seen by your audience will be a waste of time as far as your diary is concerned. By continuing to monitor responses to vacancies, comments and candidate engagement you will be able to see what is working and what areas may need extra attention. By continuing to monitor your activity and response you will have a stronger idea of where to go next and how to develop further.

Don’t keep your employer branding a secret

Your existing employees can be your biggest asset when developing an employer brand, so hiding this project is counterproductive. Instead, get your employees involved with reviews about what it’s like to work for your organisation. It’s important to keep an eye on reviews by creating accounts on employer review websites receiving factual accounts from existing and previous employees.

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Gary is CEO at Talk Staff, passionate about the role that people play in helping build long-term and sustainable businesses. He sits on local business advisory boards and has been key in leading the growth of Talk Staff from inception in 2009.

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