It’s a well-known fact that nobody wants to check their social media accounts to be greeted with negative comments and complaints but just before you select the delete option, there is always a better way to deal with it and turn that negative into a positive.

Take the comments on board

If someone has taken the time to explain their issues then make sure you understand exactly what it is that’s made them contact you via social media. Of course this is dependent upon the type of post that has been sent to you but of course this is something that a judgement call can be made on.


The easiest thing to do would be to read and delete but there are two reasons as to why this is the worst possible course of action. The first is that the person sharing their experience with you expects a response and the second it will dramatically reduce your credibility as a business. Instead reply to the message as social media is always a communication tool not an advertising board.

Think logically

In playground mentality if someone is rude to you, be rude back but this is business and social media so there needs to be a standard set. Whilst digesting their complaint look at it from a logical and business perspective to see if you truly are in the wrong with their complaint. It might be the case that they have their wires crossed and you need to inform them properly.


In addition to thinking logically, you should apologise for their inconvenience. Even if later on you justify the actions of your business it is always both polite and the right thing to do to apologise.

Thank them for their feedback

It may be the case that the complaint has highlighted an issue within a particular store or within your organisation that needs to be dealt with. As a result, thank them for their feedback and taking the time to explain this to you as the issue should be investigated and resolved.


Ultimately, your social media account will give you the ability to see your business through different eyes and learn from the negativity that is placed there. So next time you see a negative comment, don’t delete it at all. Understand it and reply. Marketing would pay an awful lot of money for the type of feedback that is on a social media page.


Last Updated on 6 years by Gary Parsons

Author: Gary Parsons
Gary is CEO at Talk Staff, passionate about the role that people play in helping build long-term and sustainable businesses. He sits on local business advisory boards and has been key in leading the growth of Talk Staff from inception in 2009.