Halloween is upon us! 

And we’ve got something much spookier than any trick or treat you’ll face this year. It’s the ‘Return of the Recruitment Nightmares’.

Let’s face it. Hiring people is a pain. You’ve got pressure on your back to hire the right people, you’re busy enough as it is and then one of these horrors creeps up on you.

Here are some hiring disasters to haunt your dreams and how to turn them into sweet delights: 

1. Fighting off too many monsters

Trying to do a full-time job and being a hiring manager at the same time can create the perfect storm. From a marketing standpoint a disappointing number of quality candidates can drive you crazy. Or your timetable for interviews is a nightmare. Using a recruiting partner or blocking out the right time in your diary to do the job properly can help.

Waiting too long to escape  – Monsters won’t wait for your decisions, and neither will candidates. Think hard about which decision makers really need to attend interviews, keep the number of stages concise.

2. Forgetting about hidden ghouls  

Your job is not the only one out there. Candidates might be in 3-6 processes at once and these other opportunities, lurking round the corner, may creep up on you.

3. Not realising you are the villain

Are you really the hero of the story? You may be proud of your tough interview questions but coming across frosty can put good candidates off. Ask challenging questions but show engagement and make it a two-way conversation.

4. Pick your battles

“Entry level position, requires 5 years’ experience.” We all joke about this but it still happens. Understand that many skills can be taught whereas passion and values cannot.

5. Forgetting the house is haunted

You offer the candidate the job but they decline. What went wrong? “You don’t offer hybrid working.” Did you mention the 100% office-based condition in the job ad? “I’m looking for progression.” The plot twist is you offer great progression you just forgot to tell them. Set expectations as early as possible and don’t forget to give candidates a great picture of what it’s like working for you. They need to be able to visualise your job in their future.  

The good news is you don’t need to face these recruitment frights alone. If you need someone to lend an ear, or you just need a good rant, speak to us. We promise we’re less scary than the spider in the top picture!

Avoid the recruitment nightmares this Halloween:

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